Custom Work

This ain’t your grand pappy’s old leather shop.

We take an old tradition
and give it a new look.

There is absolutely no end to the possibilities that we can do here! We’ll make something for
you, your bike, your horse, your gun, your dog, and hell even your wife (or husband)!

If it can be:

  • stitched
  • laced
  • tooled
  • riveted
  • braided
  • stretched
  • or dyed

then we can and
have done it before!


We cover multiple levels of repairs daily that is not limited to apparel.

We especially are proficient in repairing and replacing zippers in anything that has one or wants one.`Thats right, use your imagination!

Here is a list of but not limited to the repairs that can be done

  • Zipper repair
  • Apparel alterations shortening or lengthening
  • Fix rips and tears
  • Repair purses
  • Upholster motorcycle seats (including resculpturing the foam to sit you differently)
  • Guitar straps
  • Saddle bags
  • Holsters
  • Belts
  • Tents

Let us help you fix something before you get pissed off, throw it away, and have to buy a new one.